Jennifer Lawrence Talks ‘Hunger Games’: Which Costar Was Almost Too Hot to Cast?

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Celebuzz had the pleasure of talking with Katniss Everdeen herself, Jennifer Lawrence a few weeks ago in Beverly Hills, and the Oscar nominated actress is as down to earth as you would think (fun fact: she told us she saw Step Brothers four times in theaters). Wearing a striped dress, blue blazer and back-to-blonde hair, Jen dished all about the challenges of The Hunger Games, her costars, and how Liam’s good looks were a disadvantage…at first.

CB: You were hesitant about accepting the role initially. Was the fact Katniss is actually a role model part of why you agreed?
Jennifer: Yeah absolutely. That’s what I loved about the character. I loved that young girls, and really just our generation, were getting a role model and a hero that was an amazing example of a person.

Strong, female characters aren’t in a lot of films nowadays.
No [they aren’t]. Especially not in films that reach this amount of people.

You were one of the first people brought onboard. What were you looking for in the audition process when finding Peeta and Gale?
Well, [Josh and Liam] were amazing. Gary kept saying before Josh read ‘He’s Peeta.’ You have to be like, ‘Gary, there are 20 people outside, stop. We have to give everyone a fair chance.’ Then Josh walked in and I was like, ‘Yep, there is Peeta.’

What stood out?
Only that he absolutely 100% is Peeta! He’s nice, he’s charming, he’s not afraid of anybody. There was no difference! So he could do that so easily.

Then Liam walked in and every woman in the room was ‘Wow.’ That unfortunately was against him in the beginning, we were like, ‘Okay he’s just a hunk and hot.’ Then he started to read and he was absolutely incredible. He was real, he was authentic, he listened. He was an incredible actor. They were both the best. There were a lot of people that were really great, but as far as those roles go they were the best.

What was one of the most difficult scenes to shoot?
The difficult scenes were always the physical ones because of the heat. Running through the Cornucopia in the middle of the movie to get the backpack—it was over 105 degrees that day and there was no shade anywhere! I’m in full jacket, pants, and sprinting 10, 15 times all day. That was brutal.

There were a few scenes in the film that weren’t in the book. Did you have to leave anything out by adding those scenes in? 
The thing about making movies into books is that things are going to change and move around. I thought the riot scene was so powerful. We are all fans of the book. None of us took out anything of the book’s strength, or anything that changes character relationships or anything like that. The things we took out were because of time, really.

What scene are you most excited for fans to see?
The Cornucopia scene at the very beginning of the arena. Gary [Ross] does something that is so beautiful and unexpected that really got to me. So that scene!

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