Jennifer Lopez Heats Up Acapulco While Shooting New Music Video (PHOTOS)

Seriously, how does Jennifer Lopez do it?

The 42-year-old actress-turned-singer-turned-American Idol judge looked absolutely incredible while filming a new music video this week in Acapulco, Mexico, donning a sexy silver dress that showed off all of her best assets.

According to reports, the video is for the new single, Follow the Leader. Casper Smart was also spotted on the set of the video, and is rumored to be its director. Ah, love!

Do you like J-Lo's dress? Or do you prefer her looks on American Idol? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Renata Zmuda
    Renata Zmuda

    awful, awful, horrible, horrible her enormous an ASS!!!!!

  • bella

    I will give her this, for 42 she looks good but her personality is for crap. She's a "flavor of the moment person" as soon as her boytoy wises up and realizes this she'll be back on the prowl looking for another. She feels in control again (she's said) because her latest flavor isn't stupid to ruin his place near her. I feel for her kids, any decent person would "let the sheets cool" spend time with the kids and career and let the ink dry on the divorce papers. She knew Marc for years so she can't really whine. Just my opinion. *Earn extra income and get healthy too

  • Gevorg Margaryan
    Gevorg Margaryan

    sexy !!!

  • jbd59

    like to eat me some of that.

  • Phoenix

    I hope her new boy toy has it @ d back of his mind they wil break up after a year or two.

  • Christine

    Jennifer Lopez has definitely gotten small breast implants. I noticed them more full on idol, but these pictures are proving that after the Oscars she definitely added more to her bosom!

  • HillBrandie

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