Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Smolder in New Kardashian Kollection Lingerie Ad!



In a newly released ad from their Kardashian Kollection (posted by designer Bruno Schiavi) , Kim, Kourtney and Khloe strip down to some lingerie and show off their killer bods! Going for an ultra glam look, Kourt and Kim show off their abs in cute bra/underwear combos, while Khlo looks amazing in a sexy bustier. We're loving those thigh-highs too!

We can't decide what we love more -- their fab clothes or this sexy lingerie!

What do you think of this sexy ad? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Shaame

    i know im repeating yesmlf thats my point that way,, i know she did a porn, and it was boring! so i dont think she got payed much for it lol well i hope anyways,,,, i think they are really funny and silly,, i think its cuz me and my sisters and brothers are really close like them, i seen alot of funny things they do, that we did. now were all in differant parts of the world and its nice to see them. maybe i am overrating her, maybe in my eyes im not. i like her fashion its fun

  • Heide

    I don't understand why everyone worries so much about which photos are touched up and which ones aren't. Most ad pics, etc... nowadays are touched up anywhere from a pinker cheek tone & removing red eye to more or less curves and/or muscle tone to height. These ladies are beautiful people on the inside which radiates through to the outside for us all to see. They are also intelligent, creative, personable and savvy. God gave them gifts which they have used wisely. Each of these ladies are unique individuals and one is not above or below any other ~ that is only a personal preference voiced by fans and media. There new lingerie line is as amazing, gorgeous and unique as they themselves are ~ very talented, creative vision ladies...It's fantabulous! You have redefined sexy!

  • Imran Anwar
    Imran Anwar

    These two definitely don't go together... the words Sears and Style. :-) Imran Anwar

  • carmensherri

    STUNING for New Kardashian Kollection Lingerie Ad!

  • Trish

    You are right, she is the beautiful and natural one + she is the one with A personallity. I'm tired of Kim, really! P.s: They are photoshop as hellll, look at Kim's waist hahaha!

  • Kevin

    Do they come with a standing appointment at the free clinic?

  • tammy clark
    tammy clark

    i think khloe is the prettiest of them all she not just for show shes a natural and a beauty lamar is a lucky guy i think khloe body is what a woman should look like why be a skinnyminnie size 2 thats funny im a size 8 and i feel fine keep up the good work khloe and dont listen to the haters your beautiful im so glad you have your own show i got tired of seeing kim all the time i watched the kardashians for khloe ,milika ,rob . beleive me a lot of people think your the one

  • Stelvia

    Klhoe rocked this one... gorge!!!

  • Penelopi Kokkinias
    Penelopi Kokkinias

    love the ad gorgeous :)

  • twinklemepink06

    they photoshopped Kim's waist a little bit. Kourtney is pregnant and her belly is nonexistant. Khloe is (always) altered to appear shorter. I wish they would stop with the PS because they are already gorgeous!

  • ugh.

    hello photoshop hello trashy

  • Denisse Valentin Vazquez
    Denisse Valentin Vazquez

    Def... Khloe!

  • Jessica

    They all look Fab. but chloe rock it