Leighton Meester: I’m Not Sure I Want to Get Married

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Leighton Meester may be one of Hollywood’s most eligible stars, but she’s pretty picky when it comes to dating. In Marie Claire’s April issue, the Gossip Girl star opens up about her dating life, revealing:

“I’ve never had a boyfriend until I was 18. It’s nice, I guess–when you like them. But it isn’t the most important thing.”

She continues: “I’m not sure I ever want to get married. The only time a relationship is good is when you really love them. I don’t want to hang out with some guy I just like.”

On her humble upbringing, Leighton was never totally concerned with typical kid stuff. “I was worried we didn’t have gas money or food,” she confesses, “those were my concerns.” By the sounds of it, this girl has her priorities in order.

Even though Leighton might not have a wedding in mind for her future, that hasn’t stopped her from filming in a lovely wedding dress for her hit TV show. Take a look at the pics.

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