Newly Engaged Jessica Biel Talks Girl-on-Girl Action in W Magazine (PHOTOS)

Jessica Biel's Bling
Jessica Biel shows off huge engagement ring.
Jessica Biel appears to have a squeaky clean image, keeping her private life much more private than other young Hollywood starlets. But the newly engaged actress admits she went through a rebellious phase — thank thankfully didn’t land on the covers of any tabloids.

In the latest issue of W Magazine, Biel reveals that while she was starring on the wholesome drama, 7th Heaven, she was “always apologizing” for everything she did.

“I cut my hair supershort and dyed it blonde. I had to apologize to Aaron Spelling [the producer] for doing that. He wasn’t happy. When I turned 17 or 18, a really obnoxious friend sent a stripper to the set. I had to apologize for that too. The show was all about family values, and they took that position seriously. I was always apologizing.”

Jess, who became engaged to Justin Timberlake in December, stayed mum about their relationship, putting focus on her exciting year ahead in film. In Total Recall, out this summer, she has a girl-on-girl battle royal with Kate Beckinsale. So how was it?

“Fun—so fun! Our fight scene isn’t overtly sexy: just two trained fighters who happen to be women kicking the shit out of each other. It could be two dudes, but we just happened to have long hair and boobs and…other things,” she said.

Jess added: “Kate and I usually fight men in movies, and when you knock into a man, he doesn’t care. But every two seconds, Kate and I were saying, “I’m so sorry — are you okay?” We were both so nervous about fighting another woman. Which is strange, because I have no problem fighting with a guy. In truth, I like doing anything that requires breaking a sweat.”

Read more of Jessica’s interview at W Magazine.

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