One Direction Drops Debut Album, Leads New Wave of Boy Bands! (PHOTOS)

Hear that? It's the sound of screaming tween girls everywhere as British boy band One Direction released their debut album Up All Night in the U.S. today! 

When the pop-rock group's album was released in the U.K., it's debut single "What Makes You Beautiful" premiered at number two on the charts, selling over 130,000 copies. 1D is poised to take the top slot on the U.S. charts thanks to their rabid fan base. 

It's official! This marks the return of the boy bands!

Big Time Rush and The Wanted ushered in the new wave while One Direction exploded the charts locking in this decades new boy band epidemic.

Click through our gallery to check out the new wave of boy bands. 



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  • Katie

    Tween Girls? Most of their fans are 14+ If you watch their interviews they're quite rude. People under 12 wouldn't understand them. I'm almost 16 and i'm one of their biggest fans.