Reader’s Respond: Was Proposing to Courtney the Right Decision for ‘Bachelor’ Ben?

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People can’t stop talking about The Bachelor!

The internet is still buzzing about Ben Flajnik’s controversial decision to choose Courtney Robertson (this season’s “villian”) and though they broke up in the interim of filming the show’s finale and the After the Rose special, it seems as though they’re trying to work things out.

Celebuzz decided to ask our readers what they thought about his marriage proposal on our Facebook, and boy did you guys have a lot of opinions!

Amy R. said: did anyone make the right decision watching that train wreck? I think not

Nicole W. said: Hell no, I give it 6 months tops!!!

Naveen T. said: i dont watch the show but the other girl is much pretty and looks good together anyway IDK lol

Rachel M. said: After seein his music video then yes he did

Charlene B. said: He obviously Loves her so Yes it was the right decision

Lucely R. said: Definitely not! It is obvious that all Courtney cares about is fame! I liked the blondy better!

Effie J. said: Of course he made the right decision bc he’s an idiot like her. A girl that looked like Courtney wouldn’t even LOOK at him if it wasn’t for the show. He saw his opp and took it.

Misty A. said: They deserve each other.

What do you guys think? Keep the debate going in the comments!

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