Style Showdown: Kim Kardashian vs. Kendall Jenner (POLL)

Kardashian Showdown
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It's a battle of the stylish sisters!

When you're fashionistas like Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, you share your style secrets with another! Recently, Kendall borrowed her older sis' Azzedine Alaia dress for The Hunger Games' premiere in Los Angeles. The younger Kardashian sibling rocked her frock with Miu Miu heels and a sleek ponytail.

Did she pull off this look better than Kim? 

Kim also blogged about swapping clothes with her little sister. She wrote:

Kendall borrowed my Azzedine Alaia dress last night for the Hunger Games premiere! Doesn't she look gorgeous!! It's such an amazing dress! I got it when I was in Paris with my mom in 2010 when we met Mr. Alaia himself ! I remember I always used to try on my mom's Alaia dresses when I was younger, so I'm glad I have younger sisters I can share my favorite pieces with. Xo
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  • chell

    first, i'm sure this isn't the real kendall. 2nd, might be the same dress but definately altered. whatever the truth is, it looks great on kendall but doesn't do anything for kim. it looks young and fresh and kendall and just not right on kim.

  • Kendall Jenner
    Kendall Jenner

    Thank you so much! Kim looks amazing aswell, lol she stole the dress from me and put it on, i walked out of my bedroom and saw her wearing it! Haha but she does look cute in it. Thank you again! xxxxx

  • mileyismylife

    Kendall looks so beautiful

  • Jzba Ajnabi
    Jzba Ajnabi

    kiki is nice hahaha in my eyes

  • canary

    gorgeous KK

  • Mylene

    If you have eyes and you can use them then you will know either that dress was altered or its NOT the same dress..there is no other option..unless if kim was as skinny as kendal 2yrs ago..nope i dont think so...cause that dress fits kendall perfectly..think she rocked it better.

  • Mylene

    If she could say the same exact disgusting things to her sister dont kno why a stranger will feel bad saying that...or maybe she didn't say horrible things to her i mistaking?

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    Kendall looks better, but with all the clothes in the world that they can afford, why would they wear the same dress? Especially since Kendall is 16 and she's 31. So this dress should be age inappropriate for someone.

  • Eva Brazzi
    Eva Brazzi

    WOOOOOOWWWW Kendall looked so gorgeous in this dress. KIM tell the truth !! It's absolutely not the same size!!! NO WAY

  • john

    No comparison! Leave it to Kendall! Kim is good without a dress.

  • Elizabeth Steele
    Elizabeth Steele

    Ummm, regardless of their difference in height, Kim is at LEAST 30 lbs heavier than Kendall, and there is no possible way the dress would fit that snugly around Kendall's waist without having been altered. You must know nothing about clothing. DUH!!!!!

  • Alison Jo Weingartner
    Alison Jo Weingartner

    Kendall didnt borrowed the same dress from Kim. Kim is so much bigger than Kendall. Designers throw their dresses on to Kendall because of how beautiful and tall she is. What a damn liar Kim is. Trying to force Kendall success as her own. NOBODY WITH A DAMN BRAIN LIKES KIM... MAD MEN STAR SAID EXACTLY WHAT ALL OF HOLLYWOOD THNIKS OF HER. PERIOD.

  • Devany

    Kim Kardashian (9%, 223 Votes) Kendall Jenner (90%, 2041 Votes) Wow, Kendall is stealing the spotlight ! Way to go girl !

  • Katie Skellenger
    Katie Skellenger

    I was thinking the same thing, she must have had it taken in quite a bit if she borrowed Kim's exact dress.

  • Kilo9281

    Looks way better on Kendall, the pattern of the dress doesn't flatter Kim. It looks like a "young" print.

  • Pia Alvarado
    Pia Alvarado

    a kendall le quede mejor porq se ve estilizada , kim se le ve como incomodo y resalta de mala forma su lindo cuerpo. ademas si esta modificado eso es obvio, mira lo corto q esta el vestido de kendall.

  • Nichol Albers-Bickford
    Nichol Albers-Bickford

    Its the same dress guys. It just looks longer on Kim n shorter on Kendall cuz Kendall is like 6 ft and Kim is like 5 ft. DUH!

  • My opinion
    My opinion

    Kendall looked much better. Kim needs to learn how to dress. She always wears clothes way too tight (even with her girdles). I am surprised she hasn't split the seams in some of her clothes.

  • emm

    if you had the money, rather than going through the hassle of getting it altered, wouldn't you just buy another?? i know i would!

  • emm

    what a disgusting thing to say to another person. I bet you don't exactly look amazing yourself, treat others how you'd wish to be treated.

  • Aaron A'Pee ThaDreamboy
    Aaron A'Pee ThaDreamboy

    i think it wasn't the same dress she wore, tell us the truth Kim?

  • Aaron A'Pee ThaDreamboy
    Aaron A'Pee ThaDreamboy

    Wow!!!!!!! Kendall Looks so so Damn HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

  • Rosario Ramos Freeman
    Rosario Ramos Freeman

    are you crazy! this is a young looking dress, kim is cute, but older than her sister way older

  • dace

    Kendall looks classy. Love her! She's going places. :)

  • Anita

    Kim you look fat !!!!

  • Mary Senchantixay
  • Tenisha

    They have money people. It's called being ALTERED! FYI, Kendall rocked that look!

  • Ria Kitty Aus
    Ria Kitty Aus

    There is no possible way that could be the same exact sized dress... it was seriously altered if it was. Either way it looks better on Kendall. Kim is in no way heavy, but the pattern didn't flatter her shape.

  • Sarah La Pene
    Sarah La Pene

    This is not the same dress unless it has been heavily altered!

  • Rachel Wilson
    Rachel Wilson

    kim looks better, kendall's too skinny!!

  • Vanessa Sanchez
    Vanessa Sanchez

    Kendall hands down.

  • Nicole

    they can't wear the same size, kendall looks soooo much smaller, very thin legs and a very small waist

  • Misty

    kendall looks better in it!