’21 Jump Street’ Star Dakota Johnson Dishes on Which Costar She Would Take to Prom!

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21 Jump street is filled with laughs and surprises, and is an amazingly funny movie you don’t want to miss! And who can argue with an on-screen duo including Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum — doesn’t get much better than that! Celebuzz caught up with some stars from the film at the premiere in LA on Tuesday and chatted with them to see what the hype is all about.

Actress Dakota Johnson stars as another undercover cop alongside Jonah and Channing and we got the scoop on what it was like working with the hilarious pair, and which of the two lovely men she would take to prom!

Tell me about your character.
I play Fugazy, and she also goes undercover into a high school, and she’s pretty competitive with Jonah and Channing’s characters.

What was it like working with them?
It was amazing they are so cool, and so talented. They made it easy to jump into a scene and make it work.

So, there’s a prom scene, if you went who would you take — Jonah or Channing?
I would take both of them. It would be like a party. I want to have a party.

Of course, you can’t have a high school based movie without a high school student. We talked to actor Spencer Boldman on what it was like to play Jonah Hill’s rival, and how he felt going back to school. 

What’s your role in the film?

I play French Samuels, and he is kind of Jonah’s rival in part of the movie. There’s a production of Peter Pan going on so, he gets beat out by Jonah’s character for the part.

What was it like going back to high school?

It was cool and fun. I always felt really awkward in high school and kind of weird. So, to go back when you’re older you feel like you know more. Plus, you get a new locker again. It was even filmed at an actual high school in New Orleans.

We also chatted with Ice Cube who said bossing around Channing and Jonah was one of the best parts about his character, “It was fun that’s why I am signing on for free to do the sequel.”

There’s talk about a sequel?
No, I’m kidding. We had a ball. They are good dudes. They are funny so, we just had a good time.

And on why everyone should watch this movie…

It’s funny as hell. If you just want to laugh and not take yourself too serious. Come check out 21 Jump Street.

There you go from Captain Dickinson himself! 21 Jump Street comes out in theaters on March 16. Will you be buying a ticket to see the movie? Let us know through comments below!