Angelina Jolie Takes a Smiling Shiloh & Zahara Boating in Amsterdam (PHOTOS)

Girls day in Amsterdam! Angelina Jolie took daughters Zahara and Shiloh for a boat trip through the canals over in Europe on Wednesday.

Jolie, bundled up in a black trench, kept her daughters close as they boarded the boat. Shiloh, clutching a blanket, matched her mom in a black coat, while Zahara matched her blue coat to her blue hair.

The girls appeared to be enjoying themselves as they could be seen laughing and smiling through the window. 

After a worldwide press tour promoting In the Land of Blood and Honey plus a very busy awards season to support Brad Pitt, it's nice to see Angie get a break from the red carpet and get some downtime with her girls.



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  • Katarina

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  • Little

    Where did Brandon go? His articles were very imnnrfiog and his opinionated writing style was very interesting. I always come to this site hoping for some new articles, but sadly I haven't. Brandon was one of the best writers I have seen and hope he makes a return. This used to be our go to site for all things fantasy football. Hope things get rollin again.

  • micha

    How old are you. Grow up and stop being so critical of children. Only a jealous insecure person would attack a child who sucks their thumb, which is perfectly normal for that age. Only picture I've ever seen of them doing that. There has got to be something wrong with an adult that would stoop to trashing a child. Emotional problems perhaps?

  • Bo

    I keep on being surprised about people who are going off on kids of celebrities over and over again. It's really pathetic. You don't know anything about them or their circumstances. Who are you to judge about the fact if they're obligated to suck their thumb or not? Exactly a nobody.

  • tin2x


  • Unknown

    Cute kids. they looked very happy. and as for the haters?stfu!

  • Kelly Cheryl
    Kelly Cheryl

    Those children look like every other child, they are not celebrities. They did not give birth to their forefathers.

  • guest

    geez sucking her thumb at that age? that other kid does it all the time too. Those kids are insecure because of the shitting parenting (or non-parenting) they get from those two wankers they call "parents". Just shamefu.

  • guest

    there is something wrong with all those kids

  • guest

    WTF how old is this kid and she's still sucking her thumb and carrying a "blankie"? Emotional problems much? And does she not realize that she's not a little boy?

  • Suzanne Zdrodowski

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