Beyonce & Blue Ivy Wear Matching Shoes in NYC (PHOTOS)

Motherhood continues to do wonders for Beyonce's style!

The singer-turned-actress-turned-mother coordinated her footwear with her daughter, 2-month-old Blue Ivy, as they went for another casual stroll through Manhattan on Tuesday.

According to MyDaily, Beyonce donned "Kitty" pumps by Charlotte Olympia, while little Blue Ivy wore mouse booties from Little Marc Jacobs. Like mother, like daughter, indeed!

We're loving Beyonce and Blue Ivy's mother-daughter look. But what do you think? Check it out in our gallery, then sound off in the comments!



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  • Deodatus NextLevel Deusdedit
    Deodatus NextLevel Deusdedit

    Such a hater !! she had that baby haters like you shud get over It !!

  • midnite

    Beyonce needs to stop calling the paparazzi everytime she leaves her house she is looking for attention and she is not getting the baby to the world even though she is adopted........time will tell beeeeeeeeee.

  • midnite

    why people pay so much attention to beyonce if all she did was adopt a baby, and wants to pretend that baby is hers. look closely: her belly fell, she never shows the baby...only time will tell.

  • Whatever

    Beyonce is boring.

  • courtneybaaaby

    shoes are also to keep them warm, they look adorbale, and you have no idea if they're comfy or not, you're not a baby.

  • Mei

    I'm glad she has on something because I feel a way about seeing babies out barefoot.

  • Mei

    @Pdbaltodano - you can relax since they're not walking shoes. They're actually soft booties and the black sock portion you see is attached to the shoe. Geez...

  • Pbaltodano

    I personally don't like babies with shoes, they don't walk so they don't need shoes besides they are not comfy... my opinion