Did Roberto Cavalli Reveal Jennifer Lopez's Wedding Dress Plans?

The rumor mill is abuzz that Jennifer Lopez plans to marry her 24-year-old beau, Casper Smart after a Twitter account under the name of Italian designer Roberto Cavalli tweeted that JLo called about a request for a wedding dress.

The Twitter account sent out an intriguing (broken English) message, writing:

Although the tweets have yet to be removed, Lopez's rep tells Celebuzz that the designer's account "was hacked," making the tweets completely false.

A friend of Lopez also told People, "They are not getting married. They are not even engaged."

Who do you believe? Do you think J.Lo plans to wed her current beau, Casper, in the near future? Sound off in the comments.



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  • beth12

    Yes it was him. And his account was not hacked either, I was tweeting with him all night and the last few days he had gone off on a tanget,slating other designers at paris fashion week, slating LV and designers that use publicity and celebs for their designs,then he proceeds to tweet a load of celebs begging them to follow his blog and even begged Kim k, J lo, Rhianna, and god knows how many others,it was sad pathetic and disgusting to watch...ive lost all respect for him. And the tweet was real and is still on his private twitter.

  • newyork1234

    And get divorced 72 days later. BRAVO!

  • Ruby

    J-Lo, please! Buy yourself a vibrator and stop marrying every guy you meet.

  • narla72

    J-Lo r u insane?

  • Jeannie Reyes
    Jeannie Reyes

    That woman just can't be without a man for no length of time.

  • Simon

    She is CRAZY, not in a good way:(

  • Ann-Marie Ramsaroop
    Ann-Marie Ramsaroop

    You'd think she'd be more wary of marriage considering her past experiences.

  • Misty

    if this is true she needs to slow down...she's always in a relationship and always trying to get married! smh