George Clooney Gets Scruffy in D.C. - See More Celebs Who Rock Beards (PHOTOS)

Sexy Stacy and George!
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Ah, Clooney!

Oscar-winning hunk George Clooney went to Washington, D.C., early Wednesday morning, where he plans to meet with President Barack Obama and testify before Congress about Sudan war crimes.

We love a man who is passionate about a cause. We also love a man who knows how to rock a beard. This is exactly what Clooney did on his trip to our nation's capital this morning. Suffice to say, he's looking pretty darn good!

Check out Clooney's beard, plus more hot male celebs with scruff, in our gallery above now! For a clean shave Cloons, check him out at the Oscars below. 



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  • Byron Buchannan
    Byron Buchannan

    That's what I like to see. George Clooney growing a beard to talk with the big boys. I think it's funny how it went from clean cut on the red carpet but when he walks away from Hollywood to deal with real issues, he grows a beard. That just shows that beards are respected and will always be a sign of maturity and dignity. Byron Buchannan Owner CasuallyDebonair Facial Hair for Professional Men