'Hunger Games' Premiere: 'Good' Tributes Rave About 'Movie Star' Jennifer Lawrence (VIDEO)

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At The Hunger Games premiere, we talked with Dayo Okeniyi, who plays Thresh, and Jacqueline Emerson, who plays Foxface, and got scoop on the film from the "good" tributes.

Anyone else hoping we will uncover a bit more about what Rue and Thresh's relationship was back in district 11? Dayo teased what to expect:

Amandla is very easy to fall in love with, I mean instantly you just want to baby her. It's not hard at all to create that relationship with her. The books are very hush-hush about that relationship and I think the movie does a good job at giving hints as to their relationship. I'm excited to see how it all comes together.

He also couldn't say enough good things about Jennifer Lawrence calling her a "movie star to the fullest."

Jacqueline also dished on Jen and her on set antics, so be sure to catch what they both had to say in the video above!

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  • Elias

    They already set a date for the earlese of Catching Fire! Super excited. I think it looks great, actually. Some of the casting I was questionable about (Lenny Kravitz) didn't even bother me in this trailer and I'm actually on board with them. Jen is going to be a great Katniss. I'm excited!

  • Joshua Yamada
    Joshua Yamada

    Isn't she something?