Kristen Stewart’s English Accent Revealed in ‘Snow White’ Teaser! (VIDEO)

'SWATH' Promo Pics
Official ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ photos.
This is a Snow White and the Huntsman megapost, and we couldn’t be happier right now! Universal just released a few behind the scenes videos from SWATH, and not only do we get a teaser for the new trailer, but we also get a glimpse into Queen Ravenna’s evil world.  

“As an outsider I see her as all of the things the audience will,” Charlize Theron says about playing the Queen. “But as an insider playing her, I have to not think of those things.”

“She’s perfect to play the Queen because she’s got this presence,” says Kristen Stewart.  “She can level you.”

“She has this icy cold, kind of evil stare she throws at you,” chimes in Chris Hemsworth, adding: “I wouldn’t want to fight her!”

One of our favorite things we noticed in the BTS clip of “The Queen” is that we finally hear Kristen’s English accent! Check it out around the 35 second mark in the video above. Are you loving what you’re hearing or what?

The new Snow White and the Huntsman trailer will debut March 19 during The Voice on NBC (8pm EST) and you can watch a sneak peek down below. Also, check out two other behind-the-scenes clips about the set and the costumes while you’re at it!