Lindzi Cox to Become the Next ‘Bachelorette’?

'Bachelor' Ben
Ben Flajnik suits up in NYC.
Bachelor Pad beach babes
Tenley Molzahn & Kiptyn Locke at the beach.
She had her heart broken by The Bachelor, but that’s not stopping  Lindzi Cox in her search for true love forever! 

Yes, that means she could very well be the next Bachelorette. “I would definitely strongly consider doing it,” she told USA Today. “I would be very interested in doing [Bachelor Pad].” she added. “I’m excited to meet a lot of different people, you know?”

As for her reaction when Ben didn’t hand her the ring, she says, “I’m not much of a crier,”  instead saying she’s “kind of a joker,” thus explaining why she told Ben to call her if things didn’t work out with Courtney.

“Leaving that situation was probably one of the more awkward silent moments in my life. … That was my way of breaking the awkward silence.”