Readers React: Is Lindsay Lohan to Blame for Hitting Someone While Bombarded by Paps?

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Another day, another drama for Lindsay Lohan. It was reported that LiLo struck a club manager with her car Tuesday evening after a night out, which she calls “a complete lie.” 

TMZ reports it was a hookah lounge manager that was scraped and the man later decided to go to the emergency room.

If true, there is little doubt the paparazzi crush played into the accident — so we asked our Facebook fans if Lindsay is to blame?

The replies varied, so we posted our favorites below. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook to join the conversation! 

Theresa Anderson it happens all the time. It’s a major distraction & she should take them to court. I saw that clip & remember thinking how hard it would be to back out of a tight spot with people running all around your car. I would have a fit on them.

Lori Kalanta Muller Not her fault the paparazzi cannot leave people alone it is their fault.

Desteny Ivette Oliveira No. definitely not.

Francine Prevost Stop saying it’s not her fault and making excuses for this girl, she knows exactly what to do in front of the paparazzi, it’s up to her to make sure she’s got security around her and nothing happens…

Elizabeth Stevenson Legally she is at fault. She was the one in control of the vehicle.

Cheyenne Carrera The person she hit wasn’t going to press charges because they were fine. Then all of a sudden the person changes their story and says they had to go to the ER. Now she could go back to jail. I mean you gotta feel bad for her, give the girl a break.

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