Adam Scott Talks Working at Fast Food Joint, See Other Celeb Odd Jobs! (PHOTOS)

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We now know (and love) Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, but before he became an adorable leading man, he had quite the unglamorous gig at Johnny Rockets. In the latest issue of Details magazine, he opened up about his (very) short-lived stint at the 1950s themed diner.

So, exactly how long did the Friends With Kids star last?

One day! Adam said:

“I resigned in disgrace from Johnny Rockets after one day. The guy was like, ‘All right, so here’s where the fries are,’ and then this fifties song came on the jukebox and he’s like, ‘Oh, excuse me for a second,’ and ran over to the waiters and busboys and they started singing and doing a little dance. And then he runs back and he’s like, ‘Sorry— every time this song comes on, we all get together and sing!’ And I was like, ‘If you’ll excuse me for a second . . .’ and I left. I was in uniform— a paper hat, the whole thing. Never picked that paycheck up.”

Adam wouldn’t be the only star to work an odd job before hitting the big time. Click the pics above to check out other celeb odd jobs!