Relationship Expert on Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart: I’m Smelling Trouble

JLO & Casper Smooch!
Jennifer Lopez kisses her new beau.
After the interwebs exploded with rumors about Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart getting married, we had to wonder: Is she moving too fast? 

Although the rumors are said to be just that — rumors — Celebuzz turned to relationship expert and author of The Breakup Bible), Rachel A. Sussman to get her expert opinion!

Is Jennifer moving too fast?
Timing is everything — in life and romance. There is no reason to rush out and date right after a divorce. If you get out there and date too fast after a relationship ends, you are endangering yourself to repeat past mistakes over and over again. That’s why the divorce rate is so high on 2nd and 3rd marriages.

What is the appropriate mourning time for a breakup?
Depending on the length and seriousness of the relationship, six to 18 months is the average. (*Note, JLo and Marc Anthony broke up in July, she went public with Casper in November)

Casper is much younger than JLo, should she be looking for an age-appropriate guy or is that old fashioned?
Relationships are hard work to begin with, especially celebrity romances.  She would probably have the best chance of success with someone closer to her own age.  A few years younger or older is fine, but … too large of an age difference can become problematic over time.

Should they be mixing business with pleasure?
All couples need independence and healthy boundaries, which includes reasonable time apart. The more complications you put into a relationship, the greater the possibility of combustion.

Could money be an issue (she obviously makes way more than him)?
Well, this could be the third strike . Strike one; substantial age difference, strike two; mixing business and pleasure, strike three; a celebrity female making more money than her romantic partner. I’m smelling trouble.

Could this all be a ploy to get back at her ex by moving on with a younger man?
It’s never a good idea to try and get revenge on an ex. It takes a significant amount of time and energy, and you’ll rarely achieve the result that you’re after. The best revenge a girl can take is to get healthy and create a great life for yourself.

JLo and Marc still work together on many projects, do you see potential for them to get back together?
Some couples who breakup do reunite. However, the key to sticking together the 2nd time around is to get to the root of what broke up in the first place. Then you have to take responsibility for your part in the breakup and work hard together to achieve a full repair.