Is Sofia Vergara's Accent Fake? Star's 'Real' Accent Exposed in New Clip (VIDEO)

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Ever since Modern Family became an Emmy-winning phenomenon, many have wondered about the authenticity of star Sofia Vergara's accent. Is it real? Is it exaggerated?

Well, Sofia's son, the very-cute 20-year-old Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, did a little investigating, and just today, exposed a clip of his mom, in which her real accent comes out. (Hint: She's British!)

Okay, she's not. The whole thing is just a parody video for the new YouTube channel NuevOn, in which Manolo and Sofia poke fun at all the of the silly rumors. Pretty funny, no?

Check it out now in the above video, then be sure to watch Modern Family when it airs Wednesday nights on ABC!



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  • ANA

    :O! OMG OMG! I LOVE HER BRITISH ACCENT! BUT it does bother me a bit the way she speaks through her nose its annoying... lol... OMG! SHE SHOULD use the BRITISH ALL THE TIME!

  • Xander

    I don't mind her accent, it's when she does all of her speaking through her nose that makes me want to punch a wall. That video was the first I've ever seen her not going completely nasal.

  • Guest

    She has admitted it is exaggerated. There is some old commercial from the early 90s where she speaks pretty close to perfect English. She said people thought she was funnier if she thickened her accent.