Jon Hamm Talks Stepping Behind ‘Mad Men’ Camera — Is Writing a Script Next?

Hamm’s Handsomest Looks
Jon Hamm’s sexiest looks.
Jon Hamm is best known for showing off his handsome mug on Mad Men, but for the fifth season, he directed his very first episode!

Celebuzz caught up with Don Draper at the season 5 premiere of the hit AMC show on Wednesday evening, and chatted with him about what it was like to step behind the camera. Looking as handsome as ever in a Giorgio Armani suit, when we asked if he would be directing any other episodes in the future he told us: “If I’m asked, I would love to do it. It’s really not up to me, but I had a wonderful time doing it, and it was a great learning experience.”

Jon’s longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt is an accomplished screenwriter, so would he want to script his own episode of the Emmy-award winning drama?

“No!” he told us with a laugh. “No, I cannot write. I have a hard enough time writing texts.”

We also caught up with Jay Ferguson, who plays the snarky Stan Rizzo on Mad Men, and talked to him about what he did during the near year and a half break between season four and season five.

“I sat around and twiddled my thumbs and waited eagerly for the new season to start,” he quipped. “I did a movie too, The Lucky One (which also stars Zac Efron!)”

So, what can people expect from the season premiere and beyond? Jay told us: “[The season premiere] is awesome! I think that the show has always been consistent and this season is no different. It’s just as funny and dramatic and exciting as all the past seasons have been. People will not be disappointed.”

The men and women of Mad Men (on screen!) are pretty heavy drinkers, so we asked Jay how he would craft his own MM drinking game to play at home.

“I’m trying to think of a funny thing that one of the guys do that would piss them off [laughs]. Rich [Sommer] (who plays Harry Crane) has this thing that he does called ‘set it and forget it’ and it has something to do with his mouth. So every time he does that, you take a drink.”

We’ll keep an eye out for it this season! Be sure to watch Mad Men on AMC when it premieres Sunday March 25!

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