Kim Kardashian: Thank You Guys!! (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian Passes 14 Million Twitter Followers

I can’t believe I just passed 14 million followers on Twitter! This is crazy! Thank you all so much… I love you guys!

I wanted to give you all a shout out, but it’s impossible to list you all, so I grabbed as many of my Twitter dolls as I could and put you in a gallery!!

Sorry if you aren’t there, but I love you all! (And more kisses for you at the end of the gallery, lol!) Xo



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  • not happy
    not happy

    not very observant guys, this photo is my partner, not kim kardashian, I took the photo myself and it was taken from her FB is seems, nice work thieves!

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    kissy sweet cute...

  • Williams Isaac
    Williams Isaac

    I love the way you give me a kiss

  • Williams Isaac
    Williams Isaac

    That is part of swag

  • Williams Isaac
    Williams Isaac

    I kiss you back , Muahhhhhh!!!

  • Williams Isaac
    Williams Isaac

    A lots of hug and kiss for you

  • HSP

    A skank blowing kisses, sure many haven't seen that before!

  • nsuave

    Being a man, I ONLY date, really SMART, smoking hot, women with real class, manners, and bone deep sex appeal. That’s the only way to go. And I know these type of women inside and out. And I’m not trying to be mean Kim, but I don’t see none of those qualities in you at all. I’ve even seen you butt naked on that video, (yawn!!) and I’m still soft on that whole situation too, kid. Just to clarify, I’m rich, so I’m not hating on your families success at all. You have nothing I can’t buy, twice. It’s just adding my two cents based years of experience with real smart classy women. I’m not impressed with your constant, needy, and desperate attempt to be sexy and alluring at every opportunity. I find it comical because it’s just fake, (no real origin from within), and totally surface oriented, mechanical and lacks passion like that block of ice sex tape, that put your family on the map in the first place. Through in a heavy dose of, ditz, plastic surgery, a tons of makeup, narcissism, and marketing and their you have it, but hold the substance. A young woman, brainless dream show. Well, you may have got the dressed code, at times, of a real classy babe down, but you straight up forgot to get the brains, character, charm, wit, grace, humility, style and regal demeanor … to round you out like that ghetto butt you’re so proud of. You better stick with rappers and athletics kid, their standards are pretty low with it comes to groupies, just look hot, and stay dum. And if you were as hot, sexy, interesting and glamorous as you clearly try to be, you’d be able to a keep a dam husband a lot longer than 72 days. Your like a stripper with no arms and legs trying to teach another one how to swing on a pole and be sexy. And your confusing as the men you date attention and constant flattery over your looks with love and sincerity as he deals with you. But if the men you date keep throwing you back, when the novelty wears off, to your media circus family, then something is foul as @##$ in your camp ground. Not his. You need to stop, check yourself, because your being check mated constantly, and then kicked to the curb.

  • Lollipop

    She likes to show off her eye makeup.

  • Brenda Biscouto
    Brenda Biscouto

    Pretty, but could you make other face? That one is getting old

  • P

    Oh please, get a life. You are so fake. Try going out and getting a real job

  • Felipe Quiroz Quezada
    Felipe Quiroz Quezada

    to fantastic women biutifull jaajajaja

  • Felipe Quiroz Quezada
    Felipe Quiroz Quezada

    kim I love you biutifull women jaajajjaja

  • Sunny Ej
    Sunny Ej

    Duck Face ... BANG!!! Duck shot down lol btw could have looked better without making that stupid duck face lol . its like donald duck haha

  • Jamie-Lee Ymcmb Ortiz
    Jamie-Lee Ymcmb Ortiz

    Love you KK ♥

  • S0_fly

    shes so gorgeous! xo

  • jezzer

    It's a reflex to dodge a stream of urine.

  • Mauricio Rubschlager
    Mauricio Rubschlager

    . I used to think you where classy. We all know that's obviously not the case anymore. You would make a terrific porn star though. That's the honest truth. The only reason I am a fan of you on FB is because you are one of the most beautiful women, probably ever.

  • Miaa

    You're so perfect! I hope you answer me :b it's a bit impossible but i love you soo soo soo mutch! xoxo your biggest fan

  • Person

    Why are her eyes always closed, it doesn't make her look attractive...

  • Miaa

    Omg, i'm one of your first fan's <3 love you kim xo

  • me

    Orange Kat Face.