Louis Bullock Makes Another Adorable Face When Getting Picked Up From School (PHOTOS)

Adorable Flynn Faces
Could Orlando and Miranda's baby boy be any cuter?!
For many starlets, it takes years to perfect a pout that comes so naturally to little Louis Bullock. Sandra Bullock’s too-cute-for-words son was snapped making yet another adorable facial expression when his mom picked him up (literally) from school outside Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday. 

Dressed in a camouflage jacket with his hoodie up, the tiny tot looked quite comfortable in Sandra’s arms. This is just one of many of Louis’ pouts and faces. Click the pics to “awww” over Sandy’s adorable boy. 

 There were rumors this week that Sandra was looking to adopt, but, like most gossip, that’s not the whole story. 

A rep for the Oscar winner, 47, told Us Weekly, “She has no plans to adopt at this time.”

However, another celeb announced this week that she had adopted. Charlize Theron revealed that she has a new bundle of joy! Click the pics to see other celebs who’ve adopted.