‘Mad Men’s John Slattery Calls Delay of Season 5 Premiere ‘A Lot of Bulls***’

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April is just around the corner, and for GQ that means a special feature with Mad Men’s John Slattery –who plays the ever-so handsome Roger Sterling.

In GQ’s upcoming April issue, the 50-year-old star chats candidly about possible fears of being typecast, career pressure, and the showdown between AMC and the show’s creator, Matt Weiner.

On the year-long delay of the hit show, John didn’t hold back, saying:

“It wasn’t so much a showdown. That whole thing was a lot of bullsh**.”

Over the years, he’s appeared on Law & Order and Desperate Housewives, but it wasn’t until the AMC show that he came to the forefront of everyone’s mind. As a result, he’s “gotten a lot of opportunities [he] certainly wouldn’t have had.”

Mad Men is currently in its fifth season. Is there a downside to playing one kind of character for so long? He continues:

“You see people from Seinfeld and Friends and whatever, Gilligan’s Island, and you go, ‘There’s Gilligan!’ I’m sure there are meetings going on: ‘What about Slattery?’ ‘No, can’t use him; he plays that guy on Mad Men.'”

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