Shirtless Josh Duhamel Shows Off His New Mohawk in Brentwood (PHOTOS)

Sure, his new mohawk isn't the best hairdo in the world, but at least Josh Duhamel's body looks better than ever!

The Transformers hunk, who recently shaved his head for the upcoming movie Scenic Route, was spotted leaving a gym in Brentwood, CA, this week, where cameras were lucky enough to catch him changing his shirt at his car. Clearly, Fergie is one lucky woman!

Due in theaters in 2013, Scenic Route follows two friends whose relationship is tested when they get stranded in the desert. No word on how the mohawk comes into play.

What do you think of Josh's hair? Check it out in our gallery!



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  • Viren

    I found your blog through your Mom's, who poestd a comment on mine. I love them both. You are very funny ha! ha! (now that I think about it probably funny strange, too!).

  • RobN

    His body looks better than ever? Did the writer actually look at him? Soft arms, moobs and a paunch; yeah, that Fergie is one lucky lady.