Bethenny Frankel Flashes ‘Anderson’ Audience (VIDEO)

Bethenny & Fam Stroll
The reality star walks around NYC with her fam.
Bethenny: Pretty in Pink
Bethenny flaunts her Skinnygirl figure in NYC.
I see London. I see France. I see Bethenny Frankel’s pink underpants!?!

On an upcoming episode of Anderson, Bethenny is challenged to a push-up challenge — but things didn’t go as planned. The reality-TV star accidentally flashed her butt as she got down on her hands and knees to show off her push-up skills. Oops!

Of course, Anderson dissolved into giggles. Watch the clip above.

After the embarrassing moment, Bethenny admits, “I don’t usually have to jump.”

“How did it look?” she asked the audience instead.

“That whole side of the room is like, ‘Yes!'” Cooper said, raising his arms in victory, “and this side is like, ‘What did we miss?!’ “