Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill Join List of Hottest Hollywood Cops! (PHOTOS)

Channing's Hottest Roles
Channing Tatum sizzles on screen.
We’d surrender to these fellas any day!

21 Jump Street finally hits theaters today, which stars the sexy Channing Tatum and the adorable Jonah Hill as undercover cops, and this got us thinking about all those other stars who fought crime on the big screen.

So, who are some of our fave (Hollywood) men in blue?

Zac Efron dressed as one for Halloween, while Jake Gyllenhaal will star as one in the upcoming film, End of Watch.

So for whatever reason they throw on the handcuffs — a movie, television show, or a costume party — these guys (or ladies!) fit the part nicely. You have the right to remain silent in awe! Check out the rest in the gallery!

Who is your favorite? Sound off in the comments!