Courtney Stodden Flaunts Her Figure in Skimpy Red, White & Blue Bikini (PHOTOS)

Courtney Stodden is either celebrating President's Day a month late, or getting a head start on the fourth of July.

The 17-year-old bride was seen getting some surf lessons and frolicking on the beach recently, as she sported a barely there bikini that resembled this country's iconic flag. Nothing says patriotism like a young blonde flaunting her bikini bod!

That wouldn't be the only two-piece Court has rocked this week.

The aspiring singer tweeted:


Last we heard from her, she was channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe during a rooftop photo shoot. Check out the photos below!

Take a look at the rest of the photos of Courtney showing off her bikini bod in the gallery.


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  • Lux

    :o that's such an insult to Marilyn Manson! :/

  • james

    y not let her be married to him.if they love each other..who are you to tell them they cant be with the ones they love..the gays use that and people eat it up.

  • Autumn

    It's not her beauty, it's msiporcuous way she dresses and conducts herself at this age is inappropriate for any town! And unfortunately, it appears that her parents are more concerned with fame, then their daughter's well being. She's way too young to be married to anyone, moreover to a man twice her age. Let a girl be a child, time flies too fast anyway.Tanisha

  • Aliou sow
    Aliou sow

    hola Courtney Stodden’s Patriotic Bikini Day in QUIERO soy ALIOU

  • danielleakame

    at least she isnt wearing stripper heels surfing. lol

  • CD

    Dam, Courtney Stodden has the body of a 25 year old. Dam. Her husband is a dirty old man.

  • cherfer

    She is underage, stop printing racy photos of her.

  • Cara Hartley
    Cara Hartley

    If she's seventeen, I'm a fresh-faced young high schooler ready to attend senior prom! After all I was born just a few years ago, in 1965.

  • Pseudy

    That lipstick makes her look like she's been sucking the chrome off ball hitch.

  • Anonymous

    you don't surf wearing makeup.

  • N

    No, just no. and There is and will be only one Marilyn.

  • R Ella
    R Ella

    Classy ladies don't go swimming with makeup!! Only ugly ones do. Proper classy and beautiful ladies don't need makeup.

  • JustinZtotheZed

    She looks like a face painted doll. Creepy.

  • Ruby

    This girl/thing/it is so weird!! Why does she wear so much makeup?? She must be really ugly without it. And the poor girl, if she really is only 17, she's going to look so awful when she's 40!! She looks so much older already.

  • deckercat

    maybe in dog years.

  • courtneybaaaby

    The girl packs on the makeup cause she doesnt want people to realise shes Marilyn Manson in disguise

  • kamipj786

    Fake bitch!

  • Noah

    Classy ladies. That's who.

  • lawn

    If she's seventeen then so am I. Hint: I'm not seventeen.

  • hihu

    Who the fuck goes surfing with makeup on?

  • justaguy

    Her hubby is a lucky man...sign me up for a teen bride too!

  • justaguy

    She looks HOT!

  • Noah

    This is why our Founding Fathers burned the Queen of England's underwear (or dumped their tea, I'm no history major).