George Clooney’s On-Screen Arrests & Crimes (PHOTOS)

George Clooney Arrested!
The actor gets cuffed during a protest in D.C.
We have no doubt that George Clooney handled today’s arrest in Washington D.C. with every bit of class and swagger as he does on the red carpets.

This, after all, isn’t Clooney’s first brush with the law … at least in his acting career. The 50-year-old actor/activist has played roles where he has committed a crime and paid the time!

Where on the big-screen have we seen this handsome star under arrest?

First we saw him head to jail for bank robbery in 1998’s  Out of Sight, then we watched him bust out of prison in O Brother Where Art Thou in 2000. And how could we forget the gorgeous George behind bars in 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven? Seven years later he was a murderer when he shot costar Brad Pitt in the head in Burn After Reading.

George is free on bail from this morning’s real-life arrest for protesting in front of the Sudanese embassy. Phew! We are glad he is safe and sound, but take a look through the gallery to see all of George’s on-screen criminal moments!