‘Hunger Games’ Movie Reviews Are In (PHOTOS)

Miley & Liam: HG Carpet
The couple supports Team Gale at the premiere!
The world will be watching, as Hunger Games arrives in theaters on March 23. The highly-anticipated teen film franchise is set to rival the Twilight series, already eclipsing and breaking Twi-Hards in pre-sale tickets. The film, which stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, focuses on a group of young kids who are forced to fight in an annual televised death match.

So what are the critics saying about the film? Celebuzz has compiled a list of reviews to see if the film lives up to its hype.

On J-Law’s performace: “Lawrence, who auditioned brilliantly for this role with her even rawer turn in “Winter’s Bone,” again projects a heartrending combo of vulnerability, grit and soul while convincingly playing several years her junior. The camera remains so glued to her every expression and gesture that no one else, save perhaps Lenny Kravitz as Katniss’ suave professional stylist, is given the opportunity to hold the screen against her.” — Variety

On the arena action: “Ross and his cinematographer Tom Stern, capture the action up close with twitchy, often hand-held camerawork: not only is it a perfect match for the punchy, urgent prose of Collins’s novel, it lends the film a teenager’s heart-in-mouth hyper-awareness… Despite its well-worn ideas and themes, Gary Ross’s provocative, pulse-surgingly tense adaptation couldn’t feel fresher, or timelier.” — UK’s Telegraph

Overall Review: “The film’s strengths are many: from the opening scenes set in the beautifully realized Depression-style District 12 to some grittily realistic, often shockingly nasty fight sequences inside the Arena. The central concept may be derivative, but as in the book, there are enough original ideas to make it feel fresh and involving.” — Time Out London