Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Bring PDA to Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

Jennifer & Justin Kiss!
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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are back in Los Angeles after getting fed up with the paparazzi in New York. The happy couple was spotted leaving high-end home furnishing showroom 'The Melrose Project' in West Hollywood Thursday.

Don't get ahead of yourself--the bling you are seeing on Jen's ring finger is her "Jennifer" ring, not an engagement ring. Still, she and Justin are happy as ever!

People reports the couple were "content and present" with each other while canoodling at Chateau Marmont this week:

She and Justin were beaming and seemed enamored of each other.
Theroux and Aniston seem to be in it for the long haul, but take a look at Jen's past romance's here:



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  • Sami

    BAD try, but afte being with Brad, a man who never cheated on her and always put her first, she has resorted to urine boy Mayer who pissed all over her during sex, and now Aniston is a cheater and a homewrecker who stole Heidi Bivens man Justin. When a skank slut like Aniston steals another woman's man and breaks up their home and relationship, not only is it not a 'hot' couple, its a couple of trashbag scum sluts who deserve each other. Justin will pay for hurting Heidi, and so will Aniston. Aniston is a slimy, greasy homewrecking slutbag and karma will get her for throwing away a good man in Brad to then break up another woman's home. Aniston is a MAGGOT!

  • Sallyann

    That doesnt look like the Jennifer justin ring it sure looks like a sparkler to me.

  • Mary Osei Amponsah
    Mary Osei Amponsah

    this care is so hot and sexy like the owners themselves

  • Mary Osei Amponsah
    Mary Osei Amponsah

    nice try but after getting engaged and married to cheater nanny greasy brad pitty she has gone out with only vince and john mayer and now forever justin justifer couple are so so hot, very happy for them