Love the Look! Kim Kardashian's Big Red Scarf (PHOTOS)

A splash of color can make a casual trip to the airport a Fashion Flyby. This was proven when Kim Kardashian landed in Los Angeles, Calif. wearing this eye-catching, HUGE red scarf!

The neck warmer complimented her black jacket, boots and loose-fitting white tee. She also paired the outfit with aviator sunglasses. We LOVE Kim K's travel style, but what do you think? Play fashion critic in the comments. 

Kim headed back to her home state and straight to get a beauty procedure. The reality star tweeted: 

"Back in LA now, off to my 1am spray tan. It never stops!"
It's takes a lot to look this good! For more style-savvy pics of Kim K., check out the gallery below: 



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  • Angel

    SEXAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!leave the sex hair alone!it suits him very well!lolhe's gorgeous, tletnaed, musical, charming, down-to-earth, modest, funny, sexy!!!!!ahhhhhhhhh i can go on and on and to top it all off he has the BEST BRITISH ACCENT that just makes me MELT!!!

  • Javier Sandon Rojas
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  • carmensherri

    I just LOVE Khloe's dress !!!