Shannon Magrane Eliminated From 'American Idol': Did She Deserve to Go Home? (POLL/VIDEO)

She took on the likes of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, but even that wasn't enough to save Shannon Magrane from last night's elimination on American Idol.

The 16-year-old from Tampa, FL, did her best to survive in a tough competition, and even sang for the judges' save on Thursday's episode. Unfortunately, it just wasn't enough, and the judges sent her packing back to the panhandle as the show narrows down to 10 contestants.

The elimination was extra bad news for Shannon, who just missed a spot on the summer tour. Sad!

Speaking of sad, it was a pretty rough week for Idol overall. On Wednesday, the show eliminated 25-year-old contestant Jermaine Jones amid reports that he had a criminal past.

What do you think? Did Shannon deserve to go home? Cast your vote in our poll!



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  • :)

    she should have gone home weeks ago

  • Wanda Fraser
    Wanda Fraser

    I don't know what everyone else was seeing with Shannon's performance last night. It had some great moments and the girl is clearly talented but overall, I thought it was painful to listen to. I guess that's just me though. Side note: I hadn't yet seen last night's episode. It's on my DVR. Holy spoiler in the headline.