Source: Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Engaged

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This one has us scratching our heads...because, huh?!?

It's being reported that Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina is engaged -- to her "adopted" brother Nick Gordon. Although he was not legally adopted by the late singer, she took him in when he was just 12 years old. He's lived with her ever since. It is not known when he and Bobbi began a romantic relationship, but after Whitney's passing they went public with their relationship -- after opening referring to each other as "brother" and "sister" in the past.

"The situation is beyond sad," a source tells Us. "Whitney never formally adopted Nick, but he lived with her and Bobbi Kristina from the age of twelve and they were raised like brother and sister. Nick came from a really bad background."

The source adds that they were "always close" and their relationship "has evolved a lot ... and they are living like a couple."

The two were spotted kissing in public earlier this week.  Today,  Bobbi Kristina was spotted wearing a huge diamond engagement ring on her left hand  -- which once belonged to her mother.

"Bobbi Kristina is still so vulnerable since her mother passed away," the source says. "But Nick has become like her rock."

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  • Colina

    i find the whole love story between the two so cute but i honestly think due to her mother's death, she probably didn't thoroughly think this through. I love the Houston family, and i want Bobby Kristina to be happy because she clearly deserves it, but i hope she knows that marriage isn't easy. Fingers crossed it works out. <3

  • izzybelle

    He is not her blood brother.

  • carlos

    Your assuming that he wants money- Why didn't whitney remove him from the house when he legally turned 18? The reason she didn't is because he is a good guy. Reports are that the ring she is wearing is her mothers old engagement ring; so all the speculation is just that- speculation. How many 22 years old have a job in this economy anyways...Whitney made enough to support him and her daughter and she didn't collect public aid like adopted parents do; So I would stop speculating.Last I heard- 19 and 22 are grown adults. If she got a first installment from the monies she could run away with him and only call when she got 25- that would be what satan wants-estrangement from grandmother and family, but she's stable,healthy, and found a companion that she knows well around her. Things could be worse so lets just pray for the best

  • Deborah

    Carlos, Nick Gordon wants the young woman's money. I hope her family does something to keep him away from her inheritance. if she is wearing a ring, Gordon sure as hell didn't buy it. Where does he work? What does he do but walk around spending her money?

  • carlos

    The kindred spirit is all that matters; Whitney took in a angel and now he and her daughter fell in love; It is quite the story. Whitney also must have approved of their relationship or he would have never been there even after turning 18. Leave them alone.God works in mysterious ways; Whitney knows her daughter is safe. It is no different than an arranged marriage at least Kristina got to approve of her husband unlike many women who parents choose a man based on wealth status and the mans family's name and importance.

  • Whitney Loverb
    Whitney Loverb

    that is a big lie i dont believe this that picture dont prove anything where is the ring or them romantic kissing come on stop trying to destroy the you lady life!!!

  • No-cops Or-couples
    No-cops Or-couples

  • Robin Johnson
    Robin Johnson

    STOP this mess now somebody grandmother-cissy or cuzin-dione, aunts ,uncles SOMEBODY...... help her she is not in her right mind dont let her do this she is to young & this is her adopted brother reguardless if it didnt happen legally they grew up as such..get a doctor , psychiatrist some one on top of this situation...

  • B

    omg really it doesn't matter they took the boy in when he was young he is not legally related to them please hop off her and leave her be dang.