Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian Wish Brother Rob a Happy Birthday! (PHOTOS)

The Kardashian family is a tight-knit group and no one was surprised when Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe all wanted to make their brother Rob's birthday a special one! The girls each took to their blogs to reminisce growing up with Rob and express well wishes for the 25-year-old. The girls even shared a few personal photos of Rob goofing around as a kid. How cute!

Kim wrote:

Happy birthday to my little brother Rob!!! I love you more than you know! You’ve grown into an amazing young man and I’m proud to call you my brother. I hope your 25th year is the best yet!! Love you so much! Xo

Kourtney added:

Sending lots of love to my baby brother Rob today on his 25th birthday!! Rob, I am so proud of the man you have become. Here’s to an amazing 25th birthday… I love you so much!
On her site, Khloe blogged:
Happy Birthday to the best brother in the world! I CANNOT believe you are 25!!! Truly I can’t! God blessed me with an amazing brother. Our bond is unbreakable, even though I want to strangle you sometimes, I still adore you! This past year I have seen you grow so much and I’m so proud to be your sister! You will always be my little brother… You are stuck with me for life kid!!

I love you water bug!!!


Leave your birthday wishes for Rob in the comments below!



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  • barabara garabedian
    barabara garabedian

    Great news. You are doing something worthwhile in your life. You have find what you wanted to do, and now you have a goal to work towards. It will not be a easy path to climb, but once you reach your goal, it is worth it. good luck to you rob, a friend, bgarabedian

  • Olivia

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  • Icad

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  • Freenzy

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  • Panxitohot

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  • Alexandre

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  • Tatum

    Khloe is so different looking to the rest of them....

  • Nicole

    Kourtney was an ugly kid, glad she turned out okay

  • Nicole

    Khloe I can tolerate, but I'm curious, does Rob have a job or work for her? I've never heard of him being employed.

  • Dee Light
    Dee Light


  • Dee Light
    Dee Light

    picture perfect!