Nickelodeon Announces New One Direction TV Show

One Direction fever just reached an all-time high!

Joining the like of Victoria Justice and tourmates Big Time Rush, the British boy band is slated to have their very own show on Nickelodeon. The TV network took to their Twitter to confirm rumors after its upfront presentation in New York City, tweeting:

Although there have been no other announcements on what the TV show will be like, One Direction is already well-immersed in the Nickelodeon universe. The English heartthrobs will be performing at this year’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and is set to appear in an episode of iCarly.

What do you think about the band's new TV special? Do you think this is a good direction (sorry, we couldn't help it) for the boys? Sound off in the comments below!



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  • Arianna

    So are they or hare they not getting a show?!

  • Kk

    I love one direction:)

  • Patty Jedware
    Patty Jedware

    What is this obsession about these guys I saw thwm make fools of themselfs in Albany,Ny when they were on tour with Big time rush,My 4 year old niece didn't need to see ID touching them selves and acting stupid.Big time rush are at least true professional and gentalmen on and off the stage

  • Chaz

    Actually, they are getting a T.V show on Nick. So maybe you should actually get your facts straight love. Xx

  • Saarah

    WHAT? Totally untrue. If they were, they're idiots. We love them for their music and jokes not some line plotted television series. I would watch it a few times because duh, it's 1D! What's better? But seriously, if this is true, which it's not, I won't be watching the show that often

  • Sarah

    A LOT OF YOU ARE WRONG! that one girl named Jess is right! I seen the commercial too!!! the ones who are hating are just a bunch of haterz!!!!! so back off!

  • Jess

    actually i just saw a commercial that they are going to have a tv show it comes on saturday. so guess you need to get your facts strait

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  • morgan r
    morgan r

    The description of this picture says "Liam Tomlinson".. it's definitely Louis. :) Accidental, I know. Just pointing it out.

  • Potterhead

    Lily you're so right.That was my reaction too. I meen these boys are not the best choise for Nick let's face it.Harry's pussy obsession,Louis talks about sex & boobs,Zayn smokes...They are for teenagers not little children for God sake!

  • Lily

    THANK GOD they're not doing a show because Nick wouldn't allow them to really be themselves, I mean they'd be restricted because of the kids watching and it would turn them into something over used hence big time rush or how to rock

  • tin2x

    i love one direction:)

  • Katie

    CELEBUZZ YOU NEED TO GET NEW PEOPLE DOING YOUR ONE DIRECTION INFORMATION! Honestly, you guys get everything wrong. One Direction said they are NOT doing a show because they want to focus on their music because that's what it's all about. I knew this, logged on here, saw this then had a heart attack. Get your facts right!

  • amy

    they are not doing a show but they are doing a project its different and they are only going to be on 1 of the icarly episodes which will be on tv on the 13th of april

  • onedirectioner1477

    they confirmed it yesterday that they were NOT doing a show...