Swimsuit-clad Snooki & JWoww Swim with Dolphins in Mexico (PHOTOS)

The Jersey Shore girls are heading south!

This week, Snooki and JWoww were spotted swimming with the dolphins on the coast of an isle near Cancun, Mexico. Snooki, who is currently engaged and pregnant with her first child, rocked an embellished cut-out swimsuit but covered up her blooming baby bump in a sheer top. Meanwhile, her BFF Jenni "JWoww" Farley was seen flaunting her bikini bod in a bright pink two-piece. Their friend, Ryder, was also present sporting a black bikini.

Snooki and JWoww are currently hard at work filming their new reality show -- which has taken a drastic turn since Snooki's pregnancy, according to a source.

“It certainly has changed the direction of the show,” a production insider revealed to Celebuzz. “Not in a bad way, just a different way.”

“Nicole is so happy, but she’s exhausted,” our source added. “So shooting has been a little tough.”

Whatever the case may be, it looks like Snooki's enjoying her time in Mexico!

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  • greendaylover418

    Read the fucking description, dumbass!!

  • greendaylover418

    WOAH! That's so weird!!!

  • Sarah

    That isnt JWOW... It;s Ryder...

  • Aubrey Wickenheiser
    Aubrey Wickenheiser

    is it weird that ryders belly button is in the middle of her midsection? looks weird to me

  • Gucci

    like a joke.a0 But it's not.a0 He was busted in the same tiny Texas town that Willie Nelson was arsreted in for weed on his tour bus.a0 Snoop has a prescription for the weed, but Texas laws don't

  • princess

    nicole looks great....congrats to her..

  • Cookiesandcake

    i never knew what such a good body Ryder has!

  • Kristen Elizabeth
    Kristen Elizabeth

    I'm looking forward to it!!

  • Robin Sanders
    Robin Sanders

    she looks cute with her little baby bump

  • Selma

    It is so weird seeing Snooki with a baby bump..

  • Kassy

    IF you look at the other pictures idiot, Jwow is swimming with the dolphins & ryder isn't.

  • Kwame Opam
    Kwame Opam

    #Correction That's Ryder, Snooki's somehow wilder second banana

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    wow. i can already tell how boring the show is gonna be.

  • Marja Rivera-Graden
    Marja Rivera-Graden

    Thats not Jwow .. thats Ryder..lol

  • liar liar
    liar liar

    You can't swim with dolphins pregnant.