Kristen Stewart Hits WonderCon with Charlize Theron, Compares Snow White to Bella (PHOTOS)

Snow White and the Huntsman is possibly one of this year’s most highly-anticipated films and fans were treated to a little sneak peek at WonderCon over the weekend. The movie’s lead actresses Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron took to the stage to chat about the upcoming flick, which is a dark spin on the classic fairy tale, and brought along with them a five-minute preview that featured K-Stew diving into the ocean, racing on horseback, and clawing through the forbidden forest.

Dressed in rocker chic attire, Kristen explained to fans just what she had to go through in order to play a butt-kicking Snow White.

“I hurt myself, a lot,” Stewart told the audience [via Entertainment Weekly]. “I’ve always wanted to do a f—ing bad-ass action movie.”

But when someone in the crowd made a crack at her Twilight character and compared her to the fairy tale heroine, Stewart was quick to chime in and defend Bella Swan.

“Hey now!”  she quipped, rising in her seat. “I could have a whole discussion about Twilight, but I won’t.”

She added, “I love that character [of Bella], and Snow White couldn’t be much farther from it.”