Taylor Swift Rocks New Zealand, Debuts New ‘Hunger Games’ Song (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

With The Hunger Games’ big theatrical release coming up in just a few days, you bet your Mockingjay that fans are bound to hear new music from the highly anticipated flick! Taylor Swift, who contributed two songs on the film’s soundtrack, debuted her second Hunger Games song live in Auckland, New Zealand last night. 

“You don’t think I’d get in trouble if I played it now?” the country cutie asked fans before performing “Eyes Open” for the sold out crowd. “Probably not, right?”

The tune, which is featured alongside the chart-topping “Safe & Sound” in Hunger Games, feature lyrics that alludes to dystopian side of the series.

Keep your eyes open. Everybody’s waiting for you to break down. Everybody’s watching to see the fallout, even when you’re sleeping, sleeping. Keep your eyes, eyes open

What do you think of Taylor’s new song? Check out her performance below then sound off in the comments!