‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season Finale Spoiler -- 'A' is Revealed! Who Is the Culprit? (VIDEO)

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It's been two loonngg seasons, but we FINALLY know who A is on Pretty Little Liars!

The mysterious (and conniving!) stalker has been following around Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Hannah (Ashley Benson) for what feels like forever and making their lives a living hell, but on Monday's season two finale, the culprit(s) were unmasked -- literally!

So, who is behind it all? (Stop here if you don't want any spoilers!)

It's Mona!

While part of the "A" team has been revealed, still, the mystery isn't quite over.  At the end of the episode we see a person wearing a red coat visit Mona. "I did everything you asked," Mona says to the mystery figure. Let the guessing for the other member of the "A" team begin. Maybe Vivan Darkbloom?! Also, don't forget that Mona was A in the books as well.

There were a number of people who could have been A, with the most suspicious including Spencer's sister (Torrey Divitto), Noel Kahn (Brant Daughtery), as well as Jenna and Garrett. While this mystery is (for the most part) closed, it looks like a whole other one will be revealed for season three (which premieres in June) since it looks like Maya's body was found after she had been missing!

We'll have a full recap for you guys in the morning, because we're still trying to process this! What do you think about this big reveal? Was it who you expected? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Shasa

    I think it's Melissa whose behind of all this eside all other "A" team. Though Jena is also one of the strong candidate. Or else it's exciting to know that Ali has a twin sis..

  • Bailey

    i was so surprised in this episode and in the books ali has a twin who liked to pretend to be ali (crazy if you ask me) i thought it was confusing but exciting thanks bye

  • Bo

    I loved this episode.. although it turned out to be the same A as in the book.. they played it very well! After all Mona isn't the actual A at all.. she's just one of the real A's henchmen.. because this was A's plan.. to let them think they revealed A, so they are not longer wary. Mona turns out to be a lot more clever than everybody thought she was.. but I still think Mona isn't the master brain behind all of this. I think A will have a bunch of helpers around her (or him, but i think it's a she) until the series stop and than maybe the real A gets revealed in the very last episode.

  • Grance

    I knew it was Mona, it sucks waiting so long to find out it was her after dying to know from the first ever episode. now we have to wait a whole nother season to find out who the other A is. If it's the same as the books, It's Ali's twin sister but i pray they changed it !

  • danigirl143

    i think that the "A" team is Mona, Jenna, Garrett, Melissa, and Lucas......and probably some other random people. AKA: all the people that hated Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily, and/or Alison. I have one question though, who the heck was the black swan girl. Oh yeah, and does Toby know that his sis Jenna is a crazy freak. Also, do they really think that "A" is ONLY Mona. Cuz if they do they need some help cracking this case from danigirl143!!!!