Jon Hamm on Kim Kardashian Backlash: I'm Not A Big Fan of Feuding

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After stirring up a dust storm when he said celebs like Kim Kardashian were rewarded for "being a f–-king idiot," Jon Hamm says he finds it "strange" to be in a feud with the reality star. 

It's amazing," he tells Anderson Cooper. "I'm in a twitter feud, I don't have a twitter account and I'm not a big fan of feuding so its a very strange place to be."

Rather than keep the feud going, he has said his comments were "not personal" and made attempts to clarify his position. 

When asked if he likes reality shows, he says, "I like the shows where they actually make something. So if its food or clothing or something like that, I like when things actually get created because it's fun and interesting to watch or races. I like races to, but it's fun when they actually do something."

The full interview airs Friday, March 23 on Anderson



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  • nsuave

    Dude, don't punk down. There is nothing to clarify in calling KK and her circus family a bunch of non talented idiots. It's the truth. But whats worst then these morons, is the countless idiots who actually made these skanks famous in the first place based off of absolutely nothing. This ridiculous family can't shoulder all the blame. Blame the idiots who though it was a good idea, based on a sex tape, to give these losers a show. America is a cesspool of BS talent, and no culture. No amount of fake glamour or money is going to change that, hence the popularity of reality T.V.

  • Dina Mukhles
    Dina Mukhles

    I feel the same moomarse.

  • moomarse

    I don't know much about John Hamm, but the more he says about the KK, the more I like him!!!