Kristen Stewart 'Can't Wait' to See 'Hunger Games' (VIDEO)

KStew on Snow White
Kristen Stewart as Snow White
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Kristen Stewart showed up on the TODAY show with her gorgeous costar Charlize Theron to chat about their new movie Snow White and the Huntsman, but anchor Matt Lauer couldn't help but bring it back to Twilight and the next highly anticpated film franchise The Hunger Games. 

When asked KStew to compare the films, she said of the actors, 

"It's so obvious that no one signed on to that project to do 'the next big thing,' and I think that's the coolest way to see something get big."
She added: 

"I can't wait to see the movie." KStew won't have to wait much longer! The Hunger Games hits theaters Friday, March 23.

HG star Jennifer Lawrence recently commented on Kristen as well. “I wrote her an email because there was this huge, like, article about a Twilight and Hunger Games feud,” Jennifer said of a tabloid story during an interview with Access Hollywood. “[Kristen] wrote me back, and she was like, ‘It’s fine. Welcome to the world where everything you say gets turned into [something it's not].' So, she understood.”

Meanwhile back on TODAY, KStew's costar Charlize also opened up about her big news, she a mom. The actress referred to her new adopted son as "scrumptious and delicious," adding that motherhood is "incredible."

Which movie are you most excited to see: Hunger Games or Snow White and the Huntsman?

Lily Hearts JLaw!
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  • Marie

    if you find KStew sexy with her body of a twelve years old anorexic junkie , you're a little sick ....yuck

  • Beca

    I try to pay attention to Jennifer Lawrence's expressions but her fat face make it really difficult. She should focus on losing about 20 lbs.

  • ChrisDG74

    I know I'm an ass. But I speak the truth. A rotting corpse is more expressive than her.

  • I said
    I said

    Chris, she's your typical pothead.

  • Dontwanttosay

    You are an ass!

  • Kristen Fan
    Kristen Fan

    Can't wait to see hunger gamer too!

  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police

    huge, like, article.... (stopped reading)

  • jean kome
    jean kome

    SWATH will be fun

  • ChrisDG74

    She wants to watch an actress who can actually show some sort of emotion and expressiveness, as opposed to herself.(no emotion, mouth-breathing, blank look on face)

  • pamlin

    Snow White!

  • Crappyheadline

    Celebuzz, don't know what sort of contract you have with lionsgae but stop pushing hunger games down our throats. Why anyone would want to see a movie about kids killing kids for entertainment is beyond me. She was there to promote her movie and thy is the headline you come up with, you must be joking.

  • Marie

    who gives a sit to her opinion??

  • Twofor1

    Wow they are amazing together, they have interview chemistry lol. You can tell Charlize is kind of protecting Kristen because Kristen is so shy and delicate. Its sweet.

  • Zoe

    JFC. She was there to promote SWATH and you put THG is the headline. Celebuzz forever whoring for that movie. *eyeroll*

  • Elena

    SWATH¡¡¡¡ I love Kristen's look, she is gorgeous¡¡¡ <3