Readers Respond: Should Pregnant Snooki Be Returning to 'Jersey Shore'?

Gym. Tan. Lamaze?

We all know by now that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is expecting her first child, but it was announced on Monday the whole cast of Jersey Shore would indeed return to their Seaside Heights abode this summer (for the fourth time!) for another season of hilarious hijinks. Usually, Snooks is the life of the party (and is pretty much the biggest drinker in the house), but we have a feeling the dynamic will be very different for her this time around, considering she can't even take a sip of booze.

Celebuzz asked our Facebook readers if they think the mama-to-be should be living in a world where her roomies are notorious for serious partying, and we got some interesting responses.

Tutie M. said: "Why shouldn't she? Pregnancy isn't a disability."

Avii G. said: "I dont think so cuz what would she do..sit home all day ??"

Evelyn C. said: "YES she is a lot of the personality the show needs . Plus we love her sillyness !!"

Kristy B. said: "I'm slightly confused as to what exactly she'll be doing there? Being as how all she normally does is drink and fight...."

Michelle G. said: "Heck yeah!!! Why not?! Pregnancy doesn't disable you from having a life! Geez folks, ya'll act like pregnancy was just invented! Get over it!"

Tosha D. said: "She's pregnant. Not dead. I think it'll b entertaining w/ prego hormones in the house! Lol"

Stephanie A. said: "She should just go learn how to b a mom"

Victoria S. said: "No!! She has made a decision to become a mother and with that comes a responsibility..I don't think motherhood and babies fit into that life style!! The fighting the drinking !! No way.. Good-bye Snookie"

Amanda C. said: "Pregnant Snooki should be even more hilarious!"

What do you guys think? Keep the debate going in the comments!



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  • Erica Le Mar
    Erica Le Mar

    I gotta say, the girl is smart! She is dressing herself all the way to the bank. I must say growing up within the 5 boroughs is definetly a different "style and lifestyle" from the rest of the world, especially if you grew up in an Italian environment. To the rest of the world it may seem odd and gaudy, but to me it isn't a big deal. I'm used to seeing it, although that is not particularly my sense of style.

  • Erica Le Mar
    Erica Le Mar

    The 80's are officially back!

  • JD

    Snooki should disappear into the underworld. She looks like a chewed up midget.

  • sbrowand

    Isn't the show about partying, fighting and drama?? If you think that it is okay to do those things while you are pregnant, you are EXTREMELY selfish! Your number 1 priority should be your baby!

  • GlennRonald

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  • Angela

    When it's the baby's feeding time I hope she grabs the right bottle!! Oops........ LOL!!!

  • Kristen Elizabeth
    Kristen Elizabeth

    Pregnancy IS NOT a Handicapt sign posted on your forehead! Nor is it when you actually have a child!! People loose aLOT of friends from having a child just for the simple fact that others think that once you become a "Mother" you can no longer do the things you use to! Obviously, she can't be the Snooki she was before, but that doesn't mean that's who she is as a person and that shes NOT capable of doing other things! Its the SHORE! The walking on the boardwalk would do her WONDERS, and the NOT just sitting around on her ass all day would also be GREAT! Who knows if she does or doesn't know how to be a mother?? No one here! She's 24, at the Jersey Shore with nothing holding her back before, now their is, so I'm sure she will be picking other things to do oppose to just drinking and acting stupid. I'm a firm believer that she will do the right thing and make good choices while she's down there for the summer. Being around people during your pregnancy, and not wallowing about it, is the best thing for a person <3