Tim Tebow Getting Traded From the Denver Broncos?

Tim Tebow in Hwood!
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Tim Tebow made a splash as Denver Broncos quarterback this past season, but it looks like his future with the team is a little unclear.

It was announced on Monday that former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning (who was released from the team a couple weeks ago after about 15 years) would possibly be heading to the Broncos, which could eventually lead to Tebow being traded to another team.

While nothing is official, we're having a hard time imagining the 24-year-old "virgin quarterback" playing for any one else!

One thing that's for sure is no matter where he goes, we're sure the ladies will be flocking! He's caught the eye of not only Dancing With the Stars contestant Maria Menounos but country cutie Taylor Swift!

Another star who is courting Tebow? Minnesota native Josh Duhamel! He tweeted:

Maybe it'll happen! Where do you think Tebow should go? Sound off in the comments!



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