Demi Lovato Records ‘A Letter To My Fans’ (VIDEO)

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Demi Lovato is releasing a new song, and she’s dedicating it to her Lovatics. In a video showing the beauty of Earth and everyday life, the singer titled the post: “A Letter To My Fans about ‘Give Your Heart A Break.'” The 19-year-old star says in the video:

“It seems like in that brief time that I’ve been alive that I’ve lived through more emotions than some people twice my age.”

She adds, “I think that’s why I sing about love so often. … I’ve sung about loving someone so much that it takes your breath away. … ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ isn’t a song about having a broken heart. … This is a song about faith.”

What do you think? Can Demi’s new ballad top her “Skyscraper” anthem in popularity? Play music critic in the comments, and check out Demi’s American Idol performance of the new song below:

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