Readers Respond: What Did You Think of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Big ‘A’ Reveal?

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We might finally know who “A” is, but we have a feeling their reign of terror is just beginning!

On Monday’s season two finale of Pretty Little Liars, we found out the identity of the mysterious stalker, and thought we’d ask our Facebook readers what they thought of the big reveal.

(Warning: if you still haven’t watched the finale, read no further! Spoilers ahead!)

It was revealed that nerd turned mean girl Mona (Janell Parrish) was “A” all along! However, at the end of the episode, it appeared that someone in a red coat came to visit her at the mental facility she was sent to after going all crazy on the girls, to which Mona said: “I did everything you asked me to do.” It’s clear that she’s not in this alone! While some readers loved the reveal, some were disappointed, since Mona was “A” in the PLL books, and producers hinted that things were possibly going to turn out different. From opinions to theories, here’s what our Facebook readers had to say!

Yogyta H. said: Thought it was Ezra or Melissa :-/

Brittney S. said: I seriously thought it was garret and Melissa!!!! But being the Mona is part of the A-team I think there’s another person who is the lead A and we haven’t found that person out yet!!!

Natasha N. said: I think there’s more than 1 “A”

Karina D. said: I want to know who mona was talking too at the end

Melody R. said: mona was 1 of my choices…BUT i don’t believe she’s really the only A 1) cuz of whoever visited her & 2) cuz remember the seen in the green house, that A was bigger than mona

Desteny O. said: ….. Mona is “A” this season. “A” is Ally.. Think about it!!! Mona was more like a puppet. The master is the victim herself!

Kristen M. said: It was disappointing and felt very thrown together, like they planned it the week before they filmed the episode. A lot of things didn’t make sense.

Chanez C. said: It was the same as the book’s. Glad they didn’t change it. Now who is ready for A2?

Iman H. said: I don’t know..i have mixed emotions. The first half of the episode was pretty crappy but i must say the second half was crazy! Literally left me speechless!! There’s still so much more to figure out…and yeh definately mona was just like a puppet, the actual A is still yet to be revealed. Something to look forward to! =)

Nicolle S. said: Disappointed! I thought it wasn’t like the books! What’s the point of watching and making a huge deal about the A reveal whjen they’re following the books and it’s no mystery really! I wanted it to be Maya or Spencer with a split personality. That would be shocker!!

Even if you loved or hated the finale, it’s clear they’re setting up another mystery for season three, with the (possible) death of Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) girlfriend Maya. We can’t wait until it comes back in June! If you have any other burning finale questions, Entertainment Weekly sat down with series creator Marlene King and executive producer Oliver Goldstick, so head over there to get your finale q’s answered!

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