Rosie O’Donnell Partied After Show Cancellation, Tweets Photo From Final Taping

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Apparently, nothing was going to stop Rosie O’Donnell from celebrating her 50th birthday — not even the news that her ratings-challenged talk show was getting the boot from OWN.

According to TMZ, Rosie was seen partying it up Monday night at the Paris Club in Chicago, where she sang and danced for about three hours alongside her fiance, Michelle Rounds. Among the song selections: “The Power of Love” and, fittingly, “Don’t Stop Believin.”

Unfortunately, Rosie’s big celebration came at an awkward time for both the Emmy-winning personality and OWN (better known as the Oprah Winfrey Network). In addition to the show’s cancellation, there have been numerous reports of a feud between Rosie and network CEO Oprah Winfrey, from the location of the show right down to the language in its final press release, as well some below-the-belt jabs from Rosie’s enemy, Donald Trump. OWN also laid off a number of staffers on Monday, according to Deadline.

Still, despite all of the rumors, Rosie appears to be at peace. In a video message released on Monday, Rosie called the decision to cancel her talk show “fair.”

“Listen, Oprah gave me an amazing shot at doing this. She really did. She put me back on TV. She believed in me. I didn’t even know if I could do it again, truthfully. And then she said, ‘I think you can,’ and then I said, ‘I think I can too.’ And off I came here to Chicago with the best of intentions, trying, really, what I thought would be trying kind of easy for me. but it wasn’t really that easy,” she said (via The Huffington Post).

On Tuesday, Rosie also tweeted a photo of herself alongside her hair and make-up team as they prepared to tape her final show. Check out the photo at the top of the post!

What do you think? Should Rosie have partied it up? Or should she have kept a lower profile amid all of the drama? Sound off in the comments!