Trending: Celebs Take to Social Media to Raise Awareness of Slain Teenager

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Now more than ever, social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming an outlet for many celebs to inform their followers about worthy causes that need mass attention.

Now trending is the case of slain Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin, who was gunned down in a gated community by a neighborhood watchman. 

On February 26 of this year, a 17 year-old-boy named Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida by a man who claimed to be a neighborhood watchman in a gated community.  The boy was unarmed and walking through the community when he was pursued by George Zimmerman -- who claimed the boy looked "suspicious."  At some point during the pursuit of the boy, Zimmerman shot and killed him, claiming that he felt "threatened."

There has been an outcry by many celebrities to bring attention to this case, specifically that the killer is still free and has yet to be charged with the murder. From Anderson Cooper to Gabrielle Union, Star Jones, and John Legend, here's what some celebs are saying about this very controversial case:

#TrayvonMartin case has exposed some ppl as monsters...not just Zimmerman but ANY1 who makes excuses 4 a man who kills an unarmed child  -- Gabrielle Union
 this is real Trayvon martin was only 17 years old! if we let this slide they will keep killin 17 year olds your kid will be next! -- Wyclef Jean
Anyone who thinks that the struggle is over or that you live in a "post-racial society" because our President has brown skin. #TrayvonMartin -- Star Jones
Do you think if #trayvonmartin had been white would he have been labeled "suspicious?" Would his shooter have been arrested? -- Anderson Cooper
I'm gonna keep sending this out until justice is served. Racial profiling on our people has got to end. #trayvonmartin -- Janelle Monae
As seen last week with the massive spreading of the KONY viral video, there seems to be no limit to amount of people that can be reached when word begins to spread on a socially relevant cause.  

What do you think about this case? Do you think there will be justice for Trayvon? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Denise Roussel
    Denise Roussel

    Totally unacceptable murder of a 17 year old and unarmed at that is just gone too far why is the goverment turning a blind eye . Why are the people where it happened not screaming for justice. I have a 17 year old I would go totally insane if someone shot him just because he look suspicious as a matter of fact any one can say any teenagar looks totally suspicious THEY ARE TEENAGERS WOW wake up folks we need justice and a wake up call to save our kids from monsters like that

  • Olivia2

    now you can get a sense of what jason Russell is trying to do here. Bring kony to justice . we no longer want such people in society.

  • Heidi Penney
    Heidi Penney

    I'm sorry but this whole crap that this Zimmerman dude felt threatened is a load of crap & if he supposedly felt threatened then he should have called the police & let them deal with it, none of what happened gave him the right to shoot anyone. The fact that the kid was not in Zimmerman's home & he shot him on the street, he should definitely be arrested & get the death penalty, because how I see it, he shot him in cold blood. Let Zimmerman fry!!! My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin's family & friends.

  • Connie Terry
    Connie Terry

    Because of a loop hole in Florida ? He can't be arrested? Then this might get out of hand, someone might take the law into their own hands. And say oops, I felt threaten by zimmerman, I dont know what to say in this case, it's very ugly, I wonder if he's even walking the streets, he has to sleep at nights! I know deep down he's wishing this didnt happen , because he's scared or at least he spuld be,

  • Janette Zimmerman
    Janette Zimmerman

    I agree that this guy should have been arrested and charged, but this is what confuses me: this is getting all kinds of national attention, when cops do this all of the time. Literally, they unjustly murder people, teenagers like this one even, and no one even so much as blinks. They don't get fired, they might get a paid vacation, either way, they get away with it. You can find local news stories from every big city, but they never garner any national coverage. This is upsetting to me.

  • Misty

    They should've arrested Zimmerman...why did he shoot an unarmed 17 year old crying for help? He is a monster! If Trayvon was a white boy he wouldn't be labled as suspicious and he wouldn't be dead right now! We have to stop Florida, they are letting killers be free, prime example Casey Anthony!!

  • moomarse

    This is horrible and that so called "watchman" should be arrested!