‘Anger Management’ Star Katlin Mastandrea: Charlie Sheen is Cool & Professional

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The days of the explosive Charlie Sheen are behind him, according to his newest costar! After his infamous meltdown, Charlie is back with his new show Anger Management premiering June 28. 

Celebuzz talked to Katlin Mastandrea, who plays the best friend to Charlie’s daughter on the show. She says they’ve already changed the show in a number of ways, but one constant is that the show’s star is clearly ready for a comeback.

“So far, we’ve seen him at the table reads [and] he was very professional,” she says, adding that he’s “very funny.”

Upon first meeting, she says, “I thought he was pretty cool and professional when he walked in. He got right to the work that we needed to do.”

While they’ve made some changes to the show, Katlin says “it got funnier” with the tweaks. “It’s going to be very funny. We’ve already done a table read for the first two episodes.”