Gretchen Rossi: I Do Not Think Tamra Barney’s Engagement Is a Sham (EXCLUSIVE)

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Gretchen Rossi’s name has been all over the press in the last few days amid rumors that she tried to get Bravo to pay for an engagement ring from boyfriend Slade Smiley, as well as a trip.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there were also reports yesterday claiming that Gretchen thinks her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Tamra Barney’s engagement to Eddie Judge is actually a sham manufactured by show producers.

But is it all true?

In an exclusive chat with Celebuzz, Gretchen spoke candidly about the rumors, both of which she adamantly denies.

Regarding the story about Gretchen claiming Tamra’s engagement is a sham, Gretchen told Celebuzz:

“The fact that the matter of it is, that story says, ‘a source close to Gretchen.’ It does not say ‘Gretchen.’ And by the way, they’re not even disclosing who their source is. So, I’m kind of over the press; I’m kind of over people making up stories about stuff. I do not think Tamra’s engagement is a sham. I went out and celebrated with her when we found out about the engagement. For goodness’ sakes, I offered to throw her the bachelorette party! [Laughs] If I really though it was a sham, and I was really upset about it, why would I do all of that? So, it’s been really disappointing, and I just kind of wish that whoever is spreading these rumors and these lies that they would just stop.”

And what about the engagement ring rumors? Here’s what she said:

“I absolutely never went to Bravo and asked for a ring or an engagement … I challenge anyone to go ask Bravo that and see what they think about that, because I know for a fact that that never transpired. For goodness’ sakes, I didn’t even know that Slade was considering asking me to marry him. I found out when the rest of the world found out, when he asked his mom!”

“That was a little bit of a hard knock for me to see that come out in the press,” she added. “It was very disappointing, because obviously people are trying to spread rumors, and lies and try to start things, I believe, between Tamra and I, because it makes [for] good TV. I mean, if there’s people fighting, or brawling or people vying over an engagement story – I get it. I get that it makes [for] good TV. But it’s not our reality. I really wish that people would stop making stuff up like that.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Tuesday nights on Bravo. Check back Tuesday for our full interview with Gretchen, in which she talks about working with the Pussycat Dolls, her relationship with Slade and whether or not she plans to release more music!